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Feb 1

3 Tips For Pruning Medical Marijuana Buds


Pruning is an essential step in the process of growing medical marijuana. If you want to grow full, healthy plants, you’ll have to invest some of your time into pruning them. Some growers may shy away at the thought of cutting shoots or leaves off their medical marijuana plant, but it’s the easiest way to control and guide their growth. The greater control you have over their growth, the healthier your plants will be. However, you’ll want to follow some of these basic tips when pruning medical marijuana buds.

Tip #1 - Work on Top Shoots

The main benefit to pruning your medical marijuana plants is the fact that it encourages them to grow out horizontally instead of vertically. When you’re growing plants indoor where vertical space is limited, this can prove to be a huge advantage. Instead of having these 10-foot tall plants that tower up to the ceiling, you can have a more manageable garden that extends out horizontally. To accomplish this, you’ll need work on pruning the top shoots, as this will naturally force the two shoots growing from the nearest axils to start growing. After trimming one of the top shoots, wait a week or so and closely inspect this area of your plant to see how it’s doing. Once these shoots begin growing, you can then move on to a different one.

Tip #2 - Don’t Cut Too Close To The Bud

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make when growing medical marijuana is pruning too close to their buds. You naturally want to prune a shoot down relatively far so it won’t continue to grow. However, pruning it too close to the bud may cause the bud die, which is something no wants to see happen. So, how are you supposed to know where to prune on a shoot? It may take some trial and error, but there’s a happy medium where you must find. Depending on the size of you medical marijuana plant, this is usually about 1/5 of an inch away from the bud. It’s pretty close to the bud, but there’s still a tiny bit of the shoot to protect it from the shock of pruning.

Tip #3 - Cut at The Right Angle

When pruning your medical marijuana buds, it’s important to cut at the appropriate angle. Failing to do so may result in the continued growth of the shoot. Instead of the two nearby shoots growing, the recently pruned shoot will continue growing and expanding upwards. Thankfully, however, this can be prevented by pruning the shoots at 35-45 degree angle in the direction of which they were originally growing.